Australia: Korean Puppets are stalking Japanese


Australia: Korean Puppets are stalking Japanese

For over two years now, I have written about the Comfort Women scam. There are many aspects to the scam. At the very highest level, there is China trying to make Koreans, Americans, and Japanese mistrust and fight each other. It is working on Koreans. 

Long story short, the Chinese puppet masters in Beijing deeply understand the Korean psyche. They realize that Koreans carry something called blood libel, or blood hate. 

First one must understand something about hatred. Hatred is a compound emotion consisting of two primary emotions. Those two emotions are ANGER and DISGUST. (There are seven primary emotions – as in primary colors, all the rest of the emotions are based on a mixture of the first seven.)

So, as a writer, if I want a reader to hate someone, first I must evoke disgust, and then anger (or the inverse), and nature will take it from there. It’s that simple.

Disgust normally has a very short half-life. We might be extremely disgusted by something today, and over it just hours or maybe days later. 

Anger can have a longer half-life, but still anger normally dissipates quickly. I have at times felt a serious flash of anger, but within a minute it is under control, and within just a couple minutes can literally be gone. 

For instance, both Clinton and Trump disgust me, but I have never been angry with them, so I have no hatred for them.

Hatred is extremely powerful, and persistent. 

The half-life can be in the generations, or even centuries. This is where blood hate arrives. If two men deeply hate each other, they might teach their children to hate the other family. Now we have a hate-tornado going that ripples through the ages.

Some cultures hang onto and nurture hatred. We see that with Black Lives Madness in the USA. 

We see it often with Koreans, and many sorts of Arabs (Arab being difficult to define). Scottish are famous for feuds. English less so – English are good at letting things go. 

Japanese as a people have a magical way of not carrying hatred or blood feuds, otherwise they would be blowing us up all around the world.

The Middle East is a cauldron of so many blood feuds that nobody is smart enough to track them all.

The Chinese realize that Korean culture nurtures blood feuds. Look at North and South Korea. They would love to nuke each other if they could get away with it. (Not that ROK has nukes.) 

So the Chinese puppet masters manipulate the Koreans and fan that hatred.

Earlier this year, I was in Nanjing researching this topic. I visited the massacre museum. That museum is a masterpiece of hate-building. It is incredible. 

If by the time you leave that museum, you do not hate Japanese, you have no soul. (Unless you are someone who realizes what is going on.) 

Conversely, I was also at the Flying Tigers Museum in Kunming. If by the time a person leaves the Flying Tigers Museum, if she does not love or at least feel warm for Americans, she has no heart. 

The Flying Tigers Museum makes our elders look so great that I was almost embarrassed. I could not have designed a better piece of pro-American propaganda. And this is in China, now. Then the Flying Tigers rugby team invited me to see them play! In China! Incredible, but I digress.

So, the Chinese are playing the natural fault lines. This is unconventional warfare 101. 

Others have spent much effort doing the same with us in America, trying to make whites and blacks hate each other. (It works for some, but not for most of us.)

I also flew to Australia researching this. I was told by an Australian government official that many Koreans want nothing to do with this fight. They either like Japanese, are neutral, or he also said some Koreans are big into prostitution in Australia and do not want the bright light.

I have spoken with many Japanese mothers. They are concerned that Korean students will go to violence. 

Some violence already is occurring, such as recent bombing and arson attacks in Japan. Some Koreans were just arrested for this, I think less than a week ago.

But now, when Japanese have to push back, this plays into the hands of the hate machine. 

Outsiders who do not realize what is happening often say, “Look at those dirty Japanese! Why don’t they apologize!” (They have apologized, many times, many years ago, and sometimes they apologize for things they did not do.)

So that is it in a nutshell. I could go on with 500 pages of detail and supporting documents and interviews, but in a nutshell the Chinese puppet masters are playing emotional Koreans as useful idiots.

Press release from a good Japanese organization in Australia. I spent much time with them. They are good people just trying to raise their kids: